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Pastor's Time International Bible College offers affordable, flexible, and convenient online Bible Courses and its Accreditation is with the "Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges, and Theological Seminaries is fully Christian and Bible Centered." "ACISCT."

Each student will receive real-life Experienced Spiritual Education and Instructions offered through our School's Best-selling ebook Bible Course Authored by the School's President and Dean.

Pastor's Time International Bible College offers qualified Students scholarship assistance through our Non-profit Qualified Charity Program. For more information go to our Non-Profit Charity website to get more instructions. ​Pastor's Time International Ministry (Inc.) 501c3 Non-Profit Organization | Service (

PTIBC has a unique unparalleled Spiritual Education program and resources designed by the founder and President to Spiritually equip every student, Minister, Clergy, and Missionary, from diverse cultures to better their education to make a world of difference in each of their ministries. One of the unique ways of taking their online Accredited Bible Course is by listening to powerful pre-recorded live International Bible Teaching Podcast on Iheart taught by the President/Dean PTIBC. Just click on the Podcast Template below to listen. 

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"It's Pastor's       Time!"
        Copyrights reserved slogan owned by Pastors Time International Ministry Founder President Dr. Paul Kelly. ©. ™

PTIBC Bible Curriculum

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 Social Justice News

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PTBC STUDENTInteractiveExperience


PTIBC Students will learn how to spiritually Exegete, expound, or interpret a text /scripture and better understand the importance of Biblical history and how it plays a vital role in social and economic justice. 

The School President and founder shares his real-life social justice and economic experience internationally with many People. He has spent time with Legendary Civil Rights Activist and Pioneer, President of Rainbow PUSH Coalition Dr. Rev. Jessee L.  Jackson Sr.

(Photos images were permitted by Mr. Calvin Vismale: Executive Director of Rainbow PUSH Atlanta.)


Top Photo was honored with an appearance with the legendary Civil Rights activist during the Atlanta, Ga. 18th Annual Creating Opportunity Conference on Oct 12, 2017. This powerful Conference was a continuation of Dr. Rev. Jessee L. Jackson Sr. Jackson's 57-year legacy of work and his relentless and compassionate commitment to economic equity. 


PTIBC President Rev. Dr. Paul and his lovely wife were special VIP guests attendance invited by Mr. Calvin Vismale: Executive Director of Rainbow PUSH Atlanta.) During this occasion the legendary Civil rights activist and Pioneer Dr. Jessee L. Jackson Sr. signed his photo that was taken of both of them from a previous Historical event from 2005 during the 2005 Historical Combined National Baptist Convention in Nashville, Tenn.  Dr. Jessee L. Jackson Sr. was the Keynote speaker of this inspiring Event. Post-convention B.E.T. News had an exclusive interview with the legendary civil Rights Pioneer where he expressed his Social justice economic views and how far this nation has come. 


PTIBC founder and President was also interviewed by B.E.T. news where he shared his compassionate views of social and economic Justice stating "Until this join hands together in peace and harmony, then we will have overcome." 

With permission, this special photo image is featured in PTIBC bestselling ebook authored by the School's founder and President.

​Pastor's Time Turning Your Trials Into Victory: A Theological Perspective of Overcoming Trials and How to Spiritually Discern Deception: Kelly Th.D., Dr. Paul, Kelly, Marcia: 9781729335956: Books

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PTIBC Course description

"It's Pastor's Time!" ©. ™.

 Start your Spiritual journey today with us at              P.T.I.B.C.


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P.T.I.B.C. Bible lesson 104

         | Flexible online group|                             classes:


Please complete and email the form below to share with us your intent with our International Bible School education. Our Senior Administrative Accidemic  Executive Registrar will provide you with the PTIBC
 enrollment admission information application:

Your religious Affiliation
Bible Course Enrollment
Adult High School Diploma/Christian Academy Program
Bible Course Degree Credit
Transfer Program:


Thanks for submitting!

PTIBC Course Description, Credit Transfer, and Credit Value:

Step 1 – Submit Your Admissions Application to (


Apply to the online /offline program that meets your future Ministry goals and spiritual Leadership! As a fully accredited online Christian Bible School/College: Pastor’s Time International Bible College offers a fully comprehensive curriculum:  “Critique Bible &  Spiritual Education & Certificate Program:"   Based on the student studies,  to gain extra Credit over and above other Credits (s) he /She is taking in the Associate School (Pastor’s Time International Bible College.) Each lesson plan is part of PTIBC Student books purchased on Amazon books: See Students books purchase area at the bottom: "Pastor's Time Turning your Trials into Victory " & and "Homelessness in the Church."  Just simply click on Amazon book site information beside each book to take you to the site, then purchase your personal student PTIBC book. You will be all set to start your critique bible classes. Please call or email the school registrar once you have received your personal PTIBC powerful bestselling student study books to receive further instructions on how to receive the PTIBC Bible Course booklet.


2.) PTIBC offers another useful way for a student to earn extra research-level credit in his/ her local Church: The Student will take notes from Sermons, teachings, or other special conferences that the Associate School is conducting using this Biblical study Critique format: Each enrolled student will receive via mail "Critique Bible format package.



After the student has completed the Bible overview lesson, please mail it to Pastor's Time International Bible School address listed on this website. You will be given credit upon successful review, to receive credit toward graduation after enrolling with our Associate Alumni Graduate School:  Minnesota Graduate School of Theology Degree Programs. 


The PTIBC Critique Bible Lesson Program will take 150 hours of Church Service type or PTIBC Spiritual Education Critique Book Bible lessons to complete before enrolling with our Alumni School to start your degree program. PTIBC President's vision was to make your Spiritual journey affordable, flexible, and convenient, upon your transition to a Higher Degree.


For every 15 hours of completed Bible Critique notes: 1 credit semester would be earned; (not quarter)….If the Sermon or Teaching is 30 min in length 1 credit hr. is earned on the critique form.   If the message or teaching is longer than 1 hour but shorter than 2=2 credit hrs. (etc.) Per 10 credits = 150 hours. It takes 15 hours of PTIBC Critique-type Bible lessons experience to complete 1 semester hour.

The Student may gain as many as 30 credit hours for undergraduate-level Programs: Visit to view our Various degree programs.

15 Credit hours at the Master level.

  • 10 hours at the Doctoral and Doctor of Philosophy level as Special assignment and research-type projects             



listen to Course 104

        sample below





                   from the PTIBC Student Handbook  and Pre-recorded Podcast:


      Critique Bible lesson 101: Understanding Deception and its origin.


  • Critique Bible lesson 102: Super Natural Living With The Holy Spirit  

  • Crit. (Bible lesson 103): Understanding Your Anointing (1 credit).  

  •         (Lesson 104): Click on Bible lesson Sample

  •   Success through God: Jerm: 4; 1-10 and 18:1-1-11

  • ♫ Pastor's Time Inspirational Message EPISODE 11092017 (


  • (Lesson 5): Narcissistic Behavior and Characteristics. (1Credit)

  • (Lesson 6): Discerning Deception from the Perspective

  • of a Wolf Behavior. (1credit)

  • (Lesson 107): This is your Season to Prosper. (1credit)

  • (Lesson 108): Let’s put on our spiritual war clothes. (1creddit).

  • Lesson 109): New Creation and Image. (1credit)

  • (Lesson 110) : Receive your mighty victory. (1credit)

















Pastor's Time Turning Your Trials Into Victory: A Theological Perspective of Overcoming Trials and How to Spiritually Discern Deception: Kelly Th.D., Dr. Paul, Kelly, Marcia: 9781729335956: Books

              All PTIBC Bible Courses are taken  from the student book:

                        "Pastor's Time Turning Your Trials Into Victory

                                              Amazon bestseller Ebook"

                 Authored by the PTIBC President and Vice President

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Address: Pastor's Time International Inc.

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Students can visit our Associate Alumni Graduate School: Minnesota Graduate School of Theology of Biblical Studies, for information on our Accredited curriculum course transfer Degree programs: ​​​MGST Degree Programs (

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