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    P.  . I. B. C.

   Biblical Studies of  


Pastoral Care Ministry

               P.T.I.B.C.  Alumni School Degree Programs has Four Major Divisions:


After Completion of P.T.I.BC.Critique Bible lessons Program and student receive their  Certificate of Completion, each student has the option to transfer PTI credits to our Alumni School Degree Programs that has Four Major Divisions:


Pastor’s Time International Bible College Curriculum are accredited with our Alumni Graduate School: Minnesota Graduate School of Theology of Biblical Studies: After Successfully completing PTI Accredited Bible Critique Curriculum Program: Each student can transfer all PTI Critique Bible lesson credits to Our Alumni “MSGT:” To be evaluated for our Graduate Programs.



“MSGT” school has four major undergraduate and graduate divisions of study. They are as follows: Biblical Studies and Theology; Pastoral Care and Ministry; Clinical Pastoral Counseling; and Ministry and Chaplaincy Care. For additional information, there are printable PDF links provided below each division of study. Or you may request a registration packet, by phone or email: call us at (763) 560-9610. Or you can reach us by email at (President : Dr. Esther Sigversten (PH.D.)

Clinical Pastoral Care Counseling

Chaplaincy Care

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