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"It's Pastor's Time!"

@Copy Rights Dr. Paul Kelly

                                          From  the Desk of the

                 President: Dr. Paul Kelly (TH.D.)

Founders: Honorable Veterans, Best Selling Authors President (Dean) Dr. Paul: & Vice President:  Marcia J. Kelly:

(Welcome you to P.T.I.B.C): Pastor's Time International Accredited Bible College: 

Founder, Academic- Dean,  &  President Dr. Paul Kelly is a humbled ordained Pastor, father, Spritual and civic leader,  has been serving in the Ministry since 1979, starting early in life through his Passion with Prison Ministry Evangelizing & Chaplaincy.   With over 32 years of Powerful Successful Biblical Teaching Ministry.  He also served as a former  "Congress President:"  of the General Baptist Convention of Oklahoma Inc, former Religious Chair Person for his local NAACP Chapter,  Elected Minister Alumni Biblical Historian,  and Moderator of  his local Church district : "New Hope District Association."  President Dr. Paul Kelly has Served as former NAACP Religious Chair & legal Redress Cord. He is a National Certified Veterans Service Officer, and a former  Department of Veterans Affairs employee.   Dean Kelly also humbly served and Volunteer as a National Commander for "National American Black Veterans Organization."


    Alumni Pastoral  Board Member / ACCREDITATION AFFILIATION:  /

President Dr. Kelly  is a recipient of a Distinguished Doctoral Degree; Graduating Summa Cum Laude from The Minnesota Graduate School of Theology of Biblical Studies & Principles, where he is also a distinguished Pastoral  Board Member,   Inducted by President Dr. Esther Sigversten (Ph.D.) Approving and accepting P.T.I.B.C. school as an official Affiliate Associate School : Accrediting Pastor's Time International  Bible College.  The Accreditation that Pastor's Time International Bible College carries as an Associate School is Nationally Affiliated with President Dr. Paul Kelly Alumni: The Prestigious  Minnesota Graduate School of  Theology of Biblical Studies: "Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges, and Theological Seminaries," is fully Christian and Bible based: "ACISCTS."


President Dr. Paul Kelly and his lovely wife Marcia, have four Anointing Children: Jonathan, Nicole, Paris & Daniel.  President Dr. Paul Kelly and his lovely wife Marcia  are  both honored Veterans, Powerful Authors, host and Co-host of Pastor's Time International Teaching Podcast Ministry & Pastor's Time Christian Television Ministry with the Copywritten Trademark slogan: "What time is it listeners...It's Pastor's Time!" 

                                         PTIBC  VICE PRESIENT MARCIA KELLY:

P.T.I.B.C  Vice President:  Marcia Kelly is a Distinguished Graduate holding a  Bachelors of Science Degree.  She has received Multiple Distinguished Awards for her Exceptionally & Meritorious Service in the Military. They both have devoted over  26 years of  volunteer service to disabled Veterans Compensation & Pension claims assistance, which has impacted & Empowered Disabled Veterans and their family significantly. Both of  them  are  compassionately devoted to their family & ministry, which  has also changed many lives throughout the World. God has Spiritually ordained, equipped,  and Empowered Dr. Paul Kelly for such time & Season as this, to Spiritually teach on an International World Wide level to many believers VIA Radio Podcast, & National Television & through his on line International Accredited Bible College as Founder & CEO. 


In his new Book, 2nd Edition of Pastor’s Time;   Amazon listed  it in the top 10 hot new releases and has ranked it in the top Paid  eBooks, in the Christianity Genre recorded in 2017. Their 3rd Series of Pastor's Time book was released in 2018: "Spiritual Homelessness in the Church....Wow, I Didn't Know That."  Ranked # 1, 4. 9, & 11 on Amazon Hot New Best Selling E-book list.  His Spiritual Education books are used for the Purpose of educating Student on his Online and off line " Pastor's Time International Bible College,"  Critique Bible Courses. 



After completing the required bible Curriculum at P.T.I.B.C., after approval of Accredited  biblical critique courses,  each student can transfer their accredited courses for a higher Spiritual Education Degree Program offered through our  alumni Graduate school: Minnesota Graduate School of Theology, under the Presidency of Dr. Esther Sigversten (Ph.D.)  MSGT.

                           PTIBC  President Dr. Paul Kelly Bible based Teaching Specialty:

President Dr. Kelly,  anointing unique Spiritual gifts of  Powerful Preaching, teaching, praying, counseling,  & equipping the Church on the importance of understanding Spiritual Theology,  Spiritual discernment, Spiritual Homelessness and depression within the Church , in addition,  observing and  Spiritually Discerning Narcissistic characteristic and abusive authority that is often hidden among  some members of the church, within families, relationships,  to include  those in leadership positions.  President Dr. Paul Kelly and his wife Vice President Marcia Kelly both have  observed and witnessed: How many  believers, suffer from emotional wounds manifested by deceptive hidden narcissism that often causes traumatization, displacement and isolation in individuals through out the world, many time unseen in the Church, unseen within our families, unseen within our relationships, on our jobs, in our schools, in our Governmental Systems, on Police forces, which is  waged through spiritual warfare. 

Many people are exposed  to the hidden, mental and physical abuse, from trusted places of authority, which affects many  believer’s ability to positively contribute in the communities they live in. 

In President/ Dean Dr. Kelly New released Book,  Dean: Kelly chronicles,(with the truth of scriptures, and life experience captured in his books,  beginning with the book of Genesis:  Equipping the student on important Spiritual discernment is when observing  the deceptive, hidden  steps  the enemy uses to allude unsuspecting believers into places of compromise.

Many victims, Ministers, Preachers, family members,  disabled veteran, homeless, underprivileged families, and many others,  often times experience Psychological "paralysis,"  of "Spiritual Hopelessness & Homelessness"  in the Church, which is the onset  to a “Spiritual Homelessness Mindset.” 

                                               A Reminder for the Preacher and the Student:

2 Timothy 2:15: (NKJV) Reminds us to  encourage believers, most importantly to  study the word of God. Understanding this Powerful Activated Faith Principle, Powerfully unlocks and activates Renewed faith, that enables us to discern evil , wickedness,  deception,  hidden trickery from the enemy,  God will fight our battles, and allow us to walk in Victory.  Remember students, The true Church is in our Heart, God's All mighty power will protect and guide us to our Predestined and Ordained Purpose.  

We welcome each of you to Pastor's Time International Bible College School, This is the biggest step toward your Spiritual Education Journey.  Welcome  from the PTIBC: Faulty, Registrar, Executive Board &   President Dr. Paul Kelly & Vice President Marcia J. Kelly.  

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Welcome from the President

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@Copyrights Dr. Paul Kelly

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