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          P. . I. B. C

            EXECUTIVE BOARD:



Rev. Dr. Paul Kelly (BA. DIV.)

(MA. DIV.) (TH.D.)

               VICE President..

Marcia J. Kelly (BA.)Science Sociology.




Honorable U.S.A Vietnam Veteran

Pastor of 32 years....International Speaker (England):  

Rev. Dr. James E. Price (TH. D.)

Rosehill Baptist Church..

Columbia, Miss. 

(Remembrance of:) President Dr. Paul Kelly Father.


Honorable U.S.A. Veteran:

President /Pastor: New life fellowship Bible School:

Lawton, OK: Fellow Dean: Minnesota Graduate School of Theology......

Author: Dr. Robert Dowell (TH.D).


Pastor's Time International Ministry founder: President Dr. Paul Kelly:


Pastor's Time Christian Television:

2005: Slogan: "What Time is it?"..."It's Pastor's Time!"

Pastor's Time International Podcast: 2017


Pastor's Time Best Selling Books:


Memoir: "Pastor's Time Turning Your Trials Into Victory." 

Student Book: "Pastor's Time: A Theological Perspective of discerning Deception"

"Homelessness in the Church....

Wow, I didn't know That"



All Copy Rights Reserved

Pastor's Time International Bible College: Nonprofit Organization


Officially approved & Complete Training & Accredited Associate School Affiliate of:

P.T.I.B.C. School Philosophy & Objectives Sta

                                                     "ABOUT US"

 "P.T.I.B.C" Pastor's Time International Bible College is an Accredited Affiliate Associate school of the President Alumni "the Prestigious Minnesota Graduate School of Theology of Biblical Studies, directed by Bishop Esther Sigversten (PH.D.) Like our Alumni School, our Inspiring Spiritual Education Philosophy believes and embrace the new trend in Education of College without walls, which was uniquely pioneered by the Prestigious "Harvard University" and other unique institutions of higher learning & education.  


our School was founded by U.S.A honorable Veterans, Best selling Authors, President & Vice: Dr. Paul & Marcia Kelly, based and launched from their best Selling Books: "Pastor's Turning Your Trials Into Victory" & "Homelessness in the Church...Wow, I Didn't know that," & from their Inspiring Christian T.V. show "Pastor's Time," & their Powerful Pastor's Time  International Podcast Ministry. all Copy written, owned & operated by our School President: Dr. Paul Kelly. 





Together our Faculty and Administration play a crucial role in the education of each student. They lead the students to self-knowledge. Through word and Example, they influence the formation of Christian attitude:

  • They help and encourage students prepare for success during and after college.

  • To furnish the Student with the appropriate encounters to cultivate the growth of the whole person, Physically, Spiritually, Mentally, Socially, and morally.

  • Ongoing and supportive communication is Paramount between faculty and Administration.

  • To Help Individuals realize their significance in relationships to School, family, church, and world community.

  • To compliment the General Goals and objectives of the School.

  • To call and encourage the member of the School community to share their gifts and minister to each other.

  • To raise the Consciousness and encourage actions regarding contemporary moral and social problems in the School/world community and secular society.

  • To Provide planned programs that will stimulate and Promote interest and Thinking.

  • To Evaluate the Individual student's academic and career interest as (He)/ (she)Journeys through college for a higher "Spiritual Learning" and Degree Education With the Family of Pastor's Time International

  • Accredited Bible College (PTIBC).



The Greatest school of all is the "Holy Spirit school" of on the job training and experience. Valuable education is not only learned from books or a class room environment, but from real life experience of actual ministry around us. 

Our School compassionately believes that traditional education is important, Therefore, P.T.I.B.C. maintains a balance between the institution without walls, Quality, Convenient, flexible, affordable Spiritual education, and implementing a state of the art: Revolutionary, International Bible  Ministry programs for individuals who are on the go,  and taking care of their families. 

President Dr. Paul Kelly & Vice President Marcia Kelly, give a special thank you to our Alumni President: Bishop Esther Sigversten (PH.D.) www.mngst: For honoring our International Associate school Dean & President Dr. Paul Kelly as one of their distinguished Pastoral Board members:


All Students are expected to manifest the highest Spiritual standards, Spiritual education, Christian living and conduct. They are required to attend regular Church services. External study students are expected to be members of a local church or Christian fellowship.

Students can start their Spiritual Education studies at any time, fall, winter, spring or summer.        




                        contact us today at: (580-583-5181) 


  "It's Pastor's Time!"

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